Questionnaire about planning a words for wellbeing session
The open questions are outlined below.  Please respond as fully as possible, with examples where appropriate.
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Practitioners of words for wellbeing come from a wide range of occupations and provide as wide a range of different opportunities to explore the power of words, from yoga to walking, meditation to hip-hop, poetry to storytelling.  Could you please describe the opportunities you provide and the key features you consider when planning a session?
What would an opener to a session look like?
What would a closing exercise look like?
How long would a typical session last?
From where do you draw your participants?
Can you recommend a text or experience that will help others develop their understanding of planning a words for wellbeing session?
Please indicate if you would be happy for us to use in the published guide any specific examples you have given.
Thank you for taking part in our questionnaire!
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