UUtheVote PA -- Tracking toward 1000 volunteers!
Our goal is to have 1000 UUs in Pennsylvania take action on the election, and to contact tens of thousands of voters. With your help, we can track our progress towards that goal so we can CELEBRATE when we reach it! or even surpass it!

Please use this form to report activity not yet reported to us -- Guestimates are fine!
You many submit multiple reports report on different activities or submit a full report once.

Please do not report
1. Partisan activity
2. Activity completed with your state action network
3. Activity that you already reported to UUtheVote.

***At the bottom there is a space to enter electoral activities independent of UUtheVote and independent of the congregation**

**I prefer that you fill out this form, but if you need to send me a batch report of your info by email, you can do that too: crionstarr@uuma.org**
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How many phonebanks have you/your congregation attended that used an auto-dialer?
How many auto-dialer shifts did you/your congregation complete? Shift=1 hr of calling
How many phonebanks have you/your congregation attended that used hand dialing?
How many hand dial shifts did you/your congregation complete?
How many text banks have you/your congregation attended? *
How many texting shifts did you/your congregation complete? Shift=1 hr of texting
Please estimate the number of texts you/your congregation sent
How many postcards/letters have you/your congregation sent?
How many volunteers are active in your congregation?
How many voters have you registered?
Other things you've done that are not listed here?
My congregation is a polling place?
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We are recruiting election defender/election day poll volunteers ( Sign up for Election Defender trainings at https://www.mobilize.us/thefrontline/event/321224/?utm_source=uuvote)
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Number of election defenders/election day poll volunteers?
Which organizations have you performed voter contact activities with? (check all that apply)
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If you are not from one congregation, tell us the group you are reporting for (eg, out of state congregation, cluster, etc)
If you are reporting
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Debrief: How did it go? What did you learn? How did you connect? *
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