TS: Escape from Auschwitz feedback form
Thank you for playtesting my fan scenario. Your feedback greatly helps me to improve it.
Note: some questions here are slightly spoilery.
Were you able to finish the run? If not, where did you stuck?
Were any of the instructions unclear? Do you have clarifications to suggest?
Did you spot any grammar errors or typos to fix?
Which locations did you visit in your first run?
Which locations did you visit in your following runs?
if applicable and different from above
Were any combats not balanced?
Opinions on puzzles
Mailbox, safe, and garage puzzles
Did you
use healing?
tell Ferdynand you're Stanisław Jaster?
wear uniforms?
get the gun?
bring the radio to Pilecki?
Did anyone die?
Clear selection
Any other suggestions?
Name to include in credits
20 max characters / team. Note: I don't guarantee I'll be able to include everyone.
Mail or bgg handle if you agree to be contacted about your feedback
Will use it only for this purpose.
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