SVUUS "3T" Card (2019-2020 fiscal year)
Time, Talents, Treasures
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Thank you for considering a pledge to South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society! South Valley is making a difference in the world -- within our own community and in the world at large. We ask that you join us in this commitment by making a contribution of your time, your talents, and a financial commitment in the form of a pledge for the coming fiscal year.

Please see for our current budgets. Pledges comprise about 75% of the budget for the congregation. They are important versus one-off donations because they give us a number to budget against.

Please fill out the next few pages to complete your pledge.

Your privacy is very important to us. We detail here who will see information you share here.

1. Individual pledge amounts are seen only by the minister, the chair of the board of trustees, the treasurer, the bookkeeper, the office administrator and the chair of the stewardship committee. Others will not be allowed to see individual pledge amounts.
2. Names of pledgers (not amounts pledged) will be shared with the membership committee, the stewardship committee and the entire board of trustees.
3. If you express interest in a committee or if we think your talent that you share jibes with a particular effort that we're doing, we will share your name, phone number and email address with the head of that committee or effort.
4. Totals of how many people have pledged, the total amount pledged, average pledge, etc can and will be shared and will be made public to track stewardship campaign progress. You can see that here:

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