Expanding Your Horizons Hawaii 2018 Workshop Leader Application
Thank you for your interest in leading a workshop at Expanding Your Horizons Hawaii on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Please plan a 50-minute science, technology, engineering or mathematics workshop suitable for grades 6-8. You can expect 5-10 participants per workshop, and to present your workshop up to three times during the day (prepare for a max of 30 total participants). Workshop leader involvement typically lasts from 8 am to 3 pm on the day of the event. Workshop leaders are responsible for providing the materials necessary for their workshops, with the exception that EYH can provide paper, printing, laptops, and extra tables. You are welcome to work in a team! The workshop is a great opportunity for girls to interact with female mentors at all stages in their career. Examples of past workshops can be found at eyhhawaii.org.

On Facilities: Each workshop will be assigned to its own classroom (usually in Kuykendall or HIG). Most rooms have projectors, but we cannot guarantee access to them. Therefore, please have a backup if you plan on using a projector (e.g. blackboard, print-outs). The classrooms may be carpeted and typically do not have laboratory equipment. Water can be obtained from the restrooms. You may take your workshop outdoors, but you will need to start in your designated classroom and then stay close to the main building (usually this means staying within the Sustainability Courtyard), with no crossing of streets permitted.

On Building a Great Workshop: From past years, we have learned that the participants are more engaged in activities than lectures. Hands-on activities are a must! Avoid lectures/PowerPoints that last longer than 10 minutes. Also, this is a chance for the girls not only to learn about science, but also to be inspired by you! You are encouraged to talk briefly about your work, and/or your career in STEM. Finally, don't forget to plan a brief reflection/discussion for the end of the activity.

We look forward to learning about your workshop! Applications will be accepted through February 28th. Selected workshop leaders will be notified by March 7.

Questions about your workshop or application can be directed to the EYH Coordinator Jennifer Griswold, smalljen@hawaii.edu

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A brief and colorful description of the workshop to help participants understand what its about. (Limit to 200 words). Good Example: In this workshop, you will engineer electric circuits to create art. Learn how circuits work as you use lights and switches to take your design from conception to construction. You will explore how to combine your creativity and sense of design as you build problem solving and collaboration skills, and you will take home your working, glowing creation!
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Workshop Plan *
A full description of the workshop, with a time budget for each section. As a suggestion, this plan can comprise three sections: Introduction (5-10 min), Activity (35-40 min), and Reflection and Evaluation Surveys (5 min). From past years, we have learned that the participants love using all five senses, being out of their seats, and spending as much time as possible engaged in activity. With this in mind, please keep introductions short and limit use of PowerPoint.
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