Philly Tutors Gaming Club (Winter 2018 Bache-Martin)
Welcome to Philly Tutors Gaming Club, where we use modern board and card games to teach students numerous academic and life skills! (We also have NBA math hoops).
Dates: Fridays, January 12 through March 23 (8 - weeks: No sessions on Feb. 9, 16 and March 16)
Time: 3:00 to 4:15
Location: Bache-Martin Elementary School
Ages: K through 8th
Mission: To build teamwork, develop strategic thinking, increase focus and discipline, and have fun
Length: One hour per session
Materials: All game materials will be provided by Philly Tutors
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Payment and Payment Options
Payment to Philly Tutors can be mailed or dropped off to:
2931 Poplar St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130
The one-time fee for the Philly Tutors Gaming Club program is $64 for 8-week session (or pro-rated at $8 / session)
Payment options include cash, check, and PayPal.
Terms and Disclaimer
I agree not to hold Philly Tutors or its assigned representatives liable for any illness and(or) injury occurring while participating in any program or activity associated with Philly Tutors. In addition I, the undersigned, do hereby release and hold harmless Philly Tutors from any and all obligations and claims of any nature whatsoever, on my part or the part of my heirs or assigns, which may arise now or in the future, from the use of any documentation, photographs, audio or video film in which a likeness or representation of myself shall appear or of my voice or a characterization in which I shall participate, and acknowledging that the use of said promotional material attendant thereto may be edited and used at the absolute discretion of Philly Tutors in promotion of its future services. I understand that the time allotted for the workshop is scheduled for me or my child and that it is my responsibility to insure attendance during that scheduled time. I am required to give at least 3 hours notice if I will not be able to attend.
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