Slippery Rock Area School District School Climate Survey: Parent Survey
Parent Survey
What is the name of the school(s) your child(ren) attend(s)?
How many children do you have?
How are you related to your oldest child?
How long has your oldest child been at this school?
How does your oldest child get to school?
Please choose the answer that most applies to your OLDEST CHILD's experiences this school year.
My child's school is generally clean
My child has friends at this school
Arguments among students in school are common
Fights among students are rare at school
Threats by students against one another are rare
Some students are regularly beaten up by other students
Some students are regularly picked on, called names, or teased by other students
My child has had something stolen at school this year
My child generally feels safe at school
My child feels safe on school grounds before school
My child feels safe on school grounds after school
My child feels safe in the school lunchroom
My child feels safe in the school hallways
My child feels safe in the school bathrooms
My child feels safe in the classrooms
My child feels safe at the school playground and/or athletic facilities
My child feels safe going to and from school
My child behaves well in school
Some students are getting away with too much
My child knows the school rules
Teachers enforce the school rules
Teachers listen to my child when there is a problem
The rules for punishing students are applied fairly
This school holds fire drills once per month
This school holds drills on emergencies, other than fire drills, twice per school year
This school is prepared for any emergency
This school provides guidance and counseling services my child needs
The school regularly meets with parents
I feel welcome at the school
I can share problems I observe with teachers and administrators
My child is learning a lot at school
Overall, I think this is a safe school
This school is doing a good job
I am proud of this school
During this school year, how many times has your OLDEST CHILD experienced and/or witnessed the following problems in your school?
Verbal threats in school
Physical violence in school
Students with weapons in school
Students with drugs or alcohol in school
Drugs sold in school
Teasing or bullying in school
Gang activity in school
Stealing in school
Vandalism of school property
Discrimination or bigotry at school
Violence in the community around the school
Cheating on homework or tests
How effective do you feel these strategies are for making your oldest child feel safe?
Suspending students who commit acts of violence
Expelling students who commit acts of violence
Putting more security devices in school
Having more school resource officers and/or police in school
Bringing drug and/or weapon sniffing dogs to school
Training students in anger management and conflict resolution
Training teachers in conflict resolution
Training students to accept differences in others
Keeping drugs out of school
Having counselors to help students
Keeping weapons out of school
Involving parents more with the school
Leadership training for students
Overall I rate this school as
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