Bitcoin Max Airdrop
Airdrop is limited to first 5000 participants .
Each participants will be given 1000 $BTCM.

500M---Project Maintenance and Exchange listing
300M---Team Members

Token Contract Address: 0xe9d858654530cd2ea5525bc57f8db10dc6edcf45

Instant funding (Self drop)
Donations are welcome to help improve the project as they will be no ICO, to avoid been flag as a security token.
Send donations only to this ETH Address:

Minimum amount to send is
0.005ETH=10,000 BTCM
0.05ETH = 150,000 BTCM
0.1ETH = 350,000 BTCM
0.5ETH = 800,000 BTCM
1.0ETH = 2,000,000 BTCM
2.0ETH = 5,000,000 BTCM

Maximum amount to send is 2ETH.

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