YP Clubs Project Evaluation/Report
* WHEN? Complete this Project Evaluation Form right after each project your club completes even if it is a small project. For ongoing projects, complete this Project Evaluation form quarterly.
* WHO? At least 2 or 3 Club Members should help evaluate each project. It's usually best to include you whole club in each project evaluation.
* WHY? Project evaluations a great time to learn how to improve and celebrate successes. Sharing your work can inspire other young people to wage peace. It also helps YP better support your club.
* WHAT NEXT? Share your successes on social media whenever safe and appropriate. Be sure to tag and link to Young Peacebuilders. Collect contact information of people wanting to know more about YP and send it to info@YoungPeacebuilders.com so we can help.


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What did you do for this project? *
What were the activities to prepare for and complete this project? Did you have a mission statement or goals?
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What impact did this project have? *
Consider impact that was: expected, unexpected, positive, negative, personal, family, group, school, or community impact, and how you impacted the people you were seeking to help.
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Do you have any evidence of this project's impact? *
Do you have links to photos, videos, interviews, newspaper articles, surveys, or other evidence of your impact? *Evidence shared here may be shared publicly unless otherwise noted.
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How many hours did people invest in this project total? *
Consider WHO invested time: Club Members, YPC Mentors, Adult Supporters, parents, and other volunteers. Consider time invested: planning, traveling, implementing, following up, and any other time. Multiply the number of people present at any related activity by the time of the activity. Then add up all the hours. Just give your best estimate. If your project is still ongoing please provide the number of hours since your last reporting. EXAMPLE: [(2 meetings planning and making signs X 1hr X 10 people) = 20hrs + (10 people baking goods for sale X 1hr each) = 10 + (1 bake sale X 5 people X 1hr) = 5hrs + (1/2 hr reporting X10) = 5hrs] = 40 hours TOTAL
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How much money and/or goods did your club collected for this project? *
Note the total funds you raised in US dollars, including any grant money you received. Did you collected goods for this project, like food, clothing, or supplies? If so, how much did you collect? How much do you think the goods are worth in US dollars? >>> If your project is still ongoing, and you are still currently raising money and/or goods, please provide a total amount you have raised since your last reporting. EXAMPLE: $100 in student donations + $200 Community Foundation Grant + $150 value of food + $100 value of clothing = $550 TOTAL USD Value Raised
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What did your club learn that will improve your future peacebuilding work? *
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If this project is ongoing, what are you planning next for this project?
* If your project is completed, skip this question and submit this form.
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