Livecode Summer School, 2019
An intensive couple of days of live coding in Sheffield UK, probably at the end of August or beginning of September 2019.

Advance sign up here! No commitment required at this point while we work out dates and fees.

The current plan is to have Hydra (for livecoded visuals) and TidalCycles (for livecoded music) two-day workshops, probably running at the same time, run by their creators (Olivia Jack and Alex McLean). The workshops will be mixed ability, suitable for beginners up. We'll consider adding extra workshops if there is demand -- let us know if you have an idea!

Here's a rough sketch of the summer school:

Day 0
- short evening session for absolute beginners who want a confidence boost before the main workshop.
Day 1
- Daytime sessions covering basics in-depth
- Evening social activity (e.g. going for a picnic in the nearby peak district national park, or e.g. to a board game cafe if the weather is terrible)
Day 2
- Morning session covering more advanced topics like live code collaboration, integration with other systems and so on
- Afternoon session covering integration between systems - the visuals and music workshops might well join together for this part !
- Evening performances - with the opportunity to try live coding in a live setting

Participation fee is not yet set, but is likely to be between £50 and £250 depending on your ability to pay. Money raised will cover venue hire and workshop leader expenses, with any profits funding development of the free/open source software taught.
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