Library Survey 2017
Thank you for completing the OOTS Library Survey (2017) to help us improve the library & funding! This survey is anonymous.

1. How did you hear about Out On The Shelf
2. Please select reasons why you came to the library
3. How long have you been using the Library?
4. How often do you use the Library?
5. Overall, how would you rate the Library?
6.How likely are you to recommend the library to a friend/family/colleague?
7. How helpful is the library?
8. Generally, do you agree that having access to the Library, its resources, and materials has helped improve your life?
9. Specifically, please select, if any, way(s) that attending this library has benefited you or others
10. Who is your primary source of LGBTQ+ support
11. Do you believe that Out The Shelf's resources and presence make Guelph a more positive place to live, work and play?
12. How likely are you to use the Library in the future?
13. Do you have any comments about our operations (such as library materials you think should be brought in, hours of operation), questions, or concerns?
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14. If you would like to share details about your experience with us please do so here:
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