Google Map API creation
With the changes to Google Maps being brought in by Google, each site will now need it's own Google API Map creating. Intstructions on how to do this will have been sent out before hand.
Now once the Google Map API has been created you will need to enter the details within here.
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Google Map API key (Copy this exactly as it appears in the Google Developer Console). *
An example of what the API key will look like is AIzaSyC30Y63lhhWaU7_8o4U0oPC0E9_dXMeRT0
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Can you confirm that billing details have been added to your Google Development Account? *
Note that come the deadline of Google Maps Change going live, any API keys on an account without a billing method added will not display maps on the site. You can create your account without billing details at the moment but these will need to be added to your account before Googles change goes live.
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Please add the address of the website you have created the API key for.
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Please check the following and tick to confirm that it has been done please. *
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Submitting these details, these will be stored within the Newmind Systems, however these will not be used in any other way except for the Google Map API administration/setup and support related to the Google Map APIs.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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