Hosts for NEJC micro concerts
New England Jazz Connections (NEJC) puts on concerts to connect jazz musicians with jazz fans while simultaneously raising money for charitable causes. Here's how works:

Micro concert host volunteers will please fill out this short questionnaire. Musicians will also fill out a short questionnaire detailing the size and makeup of their ensembles, links to their music, and the charities they have chosen to support. Hosts then can choose the ensemble that best fits their space, and if the ensemble approves, you will work together to find a day/time that works for both of you. Someone from NEJC may come out to take a look at the space as well.

IMPORTANT: the location of the concert will not be released to the public, and will not be told to attendees until 24 hours before the show. Attendees will be given a day, time, general area (town, zip code, etc.), and nearest public transportation if any. For safety reasons, hosts are NOT expected or to provide refreshment, bathroom access, etc.; attendees will be instructed to treat it like a picnic; bring what you want with you, and carry in/carry out. Concerts will generally last 1-1.5 hours, to be determined mutually by the host and ensemble.

Hosts, musical groups, NEJC will coordinate to choose a cause to support. NEJC will then set up a Go Fund Me or similar site to raise the funds. All money raised will go directly to that charity through Go Fund Me. Musicians will be paid either by the host or by NEJC.

If you need help, or have questions, please feel free to reach out!
Email *
Do you have an outdoor space where you can put on a micro concert? The space should be private property, and probably fairly flat (not side-hill). Public property would require a permits and such, which you can try to set up if you want but you're on your own for that. *
What is the address of the space? (This will not be released to the public at all, and will not be given to attendees until 24 hours before the concert). *
Is the space accessible via public transportation? If so, what is the nearest stop? (attendees will not know the location of the event until 24 hours beforehand, in order to keep the numbers from jumping unexpectedly, so this is to help attendees plan transportation) *
Is there parking available at the space? Check all that apply. *
How many people can you host? *
Are you able to provide electrical power to the location where the performance will take place? (A standard 3 prong extension cord is fine, we won't be powering anything too big, these being small shows. However, 2 prong outlet and/or cable won't work for this) *
Would you allow live streaming from your location? *
Any questions? If not, click submit and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
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