Local Government Collaboration Survey
The Local Government Collaboration Project aims to supercharge collaboration between Australian Councils, by connecting local government staff with common interests and expertise, identifying shared challenges, and compiling a list of resources that can help reduce duplication of effort. This survey is designed to collect the information required to do all of the above. More information about the project, including the information collected and collated so far can be found by visiting the following link - http://www.lgam.info/local-government-collaboration-project
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If you have an interest or expertise in any of the topics below, and you would be willing to share that interest/expertise with your peers at other Councils please tick the box to the left of the topic. *
The above is just a fairly random sample of local government/infrastructure related topics to get you started. If you are passionate about any topics that aren't listed above please list them below.
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Challenges: If you can identify any challenges that local government faces in relation to any of the topics listed above, please describe them below.
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Resources: If you know of any resources (websites, manuals, practice notes, work instruction, etc.) that could help someone learn more about any of the topics above, please list them below:
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Projects: If you know of any projects currently underway or planned that could help Councils better deal with any of the topics listed above, please list them below:
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