Talk to Joanne Anonymously!
Do you remember Formspring or ask fm, the website we'd use to ask questions anonymously (although it ended up going south really quickly because, well, middle school + cyberbullying)?

I actually really appreciated the part where people left me notes about things they couldn't say to me in person (or to anyone else, for that matter) for all kinds of reasons... so I made this. Feel free to use the space below to tell me something, anything-- you can tell me something you've always wanted to tell me, give me feedback on something I did in a work setting, let me in on a secret if it might make you feel better by getting it off your chest, call me out re: what I said in a casual conversation, etc etc... we might not even have talked in real life (nice to meet you?).

Since this is 100% anonymous I won't be able to reply, so thank you in advance for letting me know whatever you're about to say :)
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