Proposal application for services from the FSU CGPM
The CGPM no longer offers its services for free, and pro bono work is limited to a one-time 60-minute consultation, letters of support, and minor revisions for grants to indicate feasibility for genomic experiments. Any work outside this scope requires a project proposal (this form) to be submitted, detailing the project and the services needed from the CGPM. For faculty seeking extensive involvement by the CGPM for the preparation of a grant proposal, this application must be completed.

This proposal application should demonstrate feasibility, significance, likelihood to lead to external funding, and financial support (if available) for the resources required by the CGPM to participate in the project, namely salary support for the Scientific Director. Each proposal will be reviewed by the Executive Committee as they are received, and, depending on available funding, projects approved by the executive committee may obtain services through three possible financial arrangements to compensate the CGPM for time required for data analysis: 1) If the faculty member has funding available to pay for data analysis support, that person may either request an estimate for the completion of services based on hourly rates established by the auxiliary account, 2) If the faculty member lacks funding to pay for support, the CGPM can assist that person with the formulation of a proposal to request such funding through an appropriate FSU CRC funding mechanism, or 3) If applying for funds through the CRC is infeasible (e.g., data analysis services are needed prior to the possibility of receiving CRC funds), then the faculty member will be advised to seek other funding sources.

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