Sen. McConchie's 2019 Spring Legislative Survey
1. Across the state, roads and bridges have been rapidly deteriorating. Legislators are currently working on a proposal to increase state funding for repairs and maintenance of Illinois’ roads and bridges. Based on what you know, do you support or oppose Illinois increasing funding for repairs and maintenance of state and local roads and bridges?
2. If you answered “Support” for Question 1, how would you prefer Illinois increase its funding for the maintenance and repair of our roads and bridges? Check all that apply.
3. Do you support or oppose amending the Illinois Constitution to replace the state’s current flat income tax structure with a graduated income tax?
4. Do you think the Illinois Constitution should be amended to require a supermajority (currently a simple majority) of votes by the Legislature to increase or implement new taxes?
5. Should the Illinois Constitution be amended to make the process of drawing legislative and congressional districts independent and nonpartisan?
6. Currently, Illinois requires a minor under the age of 18 to inform her parent or guardian of her decision to undergo an abortion procedure. Do you think this requirement should be repealed?
7. Do you support legalizing the use of recreational marijuana in Illinois?
8. What is your view of gambling in Illinois?
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