Licensed Mental Health Providers Needed for Richmond Volunteers and Counter-Protestors Exposed to Violence in Charlottesville.
I've received calls from a number of individuals who are looking for mental health support in Richmond after experiencing the violent events that occurred in Charlottesville. Legal observers, medics, mental health support, and counter-protestors are all feeling the effects of traumatic stress. In an effort to help connect them to resources, I am reaching out to all RVA outpatient providers who have training and experience helping individuals who have experienced a recent traumatic event. In particular, we are looking for commitments of 3-12 free sessions in Greater Richmond.

If you are able to help, please complete this brief questionnaire. Your help is appreciated!

Nicole O-Pries, LCSW

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Thank you for any help you can provide!
If you have contacts in DC or Northern Virginia who might also be interested, there is need. Please email
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