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After submitting the request, you will receive an automated email with an attached a google doc containing a completed request form. In this form, you will find a dates and times chart that breaks down your more specific needs. Here you may fill out any additional dates and times for other performances, rehearsals, and setups needed for this event.
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Set Blackout Dates
Large events may have up to 14 days where the auditorium is reserved only for their usage. Please only request necessary dates where you will be leaving props and set pieces in the auditorium. This is not a blanket reservation for rehearsal time; blackout dates do only guarantee that the stage will not be used for non-school district purposes and allows you to place permanent set pieces. The school district may still use the front of the stage and the house for assemblies and meetings during this time. All rehearsal times MUST be scheduled in advance.
For events spans more than a single date or time: Following your submission of this form, you will receive an automated e-mail containing a google doc with a date and time breakdown. You must fill out this table detailing your events specific dates and times. This includes set-up, rehearsal, performance, and tear-down times.
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*Fees may apply as per School District Policy Code: 830. An estimate for fees will be provided.
**Please submit any electronic media (websites, presentations, music, etc.) to the auditorium staff one week prior to the event to test for compatibility with our systems.
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Please allow up to 21 days to receive your video or CD. If you would like a video recording, we will provide the equipment, but you are responsible for pressing “RECORD”
If you would like a face-to-face auditorium consultation to go over your event with the staff, Please contact to set up an appointment.
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By submitting this form, you agree to the Creske Community Center Auditorium Rules and Policies and you assume liability for any damage incurred while using the auditorium’s stage, scene shop, prop room, control room, and house. If any damage is found, you will be contacted and asked to either make the necessary repairs or provide financial compensation. The auditorium rental will be in pending status until a confirmation email has been sent out which includes an estimate for the rental. Estimates are based on the information provided in the request. Should additional time or equipment be used, the billing may be altered to reflect that.In order to ensure safety and security in the Creske Community Center Auditorium, one auditorium staff member must be present at all times while the auditorium is in use.The Auditorium Rules and Policies can be found at the following link:
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