Library Training 8: Cataloging
This training will introduce very basic cataloging.

It is preferable that you purchase books from our preferred vendors. This information is in Training number 7. In this way the books are ready to go onto the shelf and you don't need to take this training.

You can also consider making your own library catalog, using a system such as librarika. You can create catalogs for 2,000 books for free, and have multiple accounts if you want. In this way, you are creating your own system, not trying to learn cataloging and not impacting the professional District Library Catalog.

This training is attempting to distill a semester's (at least!!) worth of Master's level work into a google form. When you add a book to our collection through our library catalog, it impacts our entire catalog. All books added to the collection should be added only by someone trained in collection development and cataloguing (MLIS) following our collection development guidelines addressed in earlier trainings and in alignment with CTC standards. In addition to taking this online training, we ask that you schedule or attend at least one of our in-person trainings.

This training will give you the basics, but as you continue, please ALWAYS look online here: The information on this document changes as we update our process. The online document is the only current and accurate version. Note the date of the last changes and follow the instructions online as opposed to this training (developed 1/20).
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Please read this introductory page of a Cataloging textbook (Beginning Cataloging, 2nd Edition by Jean Weihs, Sheila S. Intne) and type a short response. *
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