Prenatal Health Care Preferences
We would like to know what you want and expect from your healthcare provider during pregnancy.
Do you feel prepared to make decisions about your prenatal health? *
How would you feel about an unexpected pregnancy? Select all that apply. *
Did you know that a Certified Nurse Midwife can deliver a baby in a hospital like a doctor? *
Please rate how important each of the following are to you and your prenatal care. *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Somewhat Unimportant
Very Unimportant
The office environment is clean, warm, and friendly.
There are short wait times
Parking is available.
There is access to public transportation near my provider.
The facility is wheelchair accessible.
My provider is close to home or work.
The provider or clinic was recommended by friends or family.
The provider/office has high online ratings.
There are night, weekend, and after hours appointment times available.
The providers and staff understand and respect my cultural needs.
Staff and providers speak my language.
My insurance is accepted.
I receive excellent customer service from staff and providers.
I receive a high quality of care from providers and staff.
My partner is involved in the discussion about healthcare needs.
My provider establishes a good relationship with me during my prenatal care.
The provider is experienced or an expert.
I am familiar with the hospital that my provider is affiliated with.
The location of my provider's affiliate hospital is convenient.
I would like the option to see a Certified Nurse Midwife or Douala.
I have a specific preference about which Certified Nurse Midwife group is available.
I feel comfortable asking questions.
My provider explains things clearly and completely.
My provider shares my delivery philosophy (elective induction, pain management, vaginal delivery, c-section, natural childbirth, etc.)
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