RZA Aryeh Fellowship 2018-2019 Application
The Religious Zionists of America-Mizrachi USA is now accepting applications for the third cohort of RZA Aryeh Fellows!
College fellows will:
1. receive travel stipends so they can fly to Israel during winter break. While in Israel, fellows will (a) learn in yeshiva/midrasha and (b) participate in leadership training
2. lead a year-long leadership project on their college campus/local Jewish community with guidance from the RZA-Mizrachi USA

Application opens on Yom HaAtzmaut (Thurs April 19th) and will close following Shavuot on Friday May 25nd at 5:00pm. Applications will not be accepted after that time, no exceptions.

Questions? Email srobinson@rza.org or whatsapp 617-412-1724

Helpful links:
FAQ page: https://rza.org/aryeh-fellows/
RZA-Mizrachi USA website: http://rza.org/
World Mizrachi Website: http://mizrachi.org/

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Tell us about a time when you showed leadership and responsibility. *
Could be about any moment, big or small! We want to see a time where you stepped up to the plate and made a difference. (please keep answer to 2 paragraphs.)
Why do you think you will be a successful RZA Aryeh Fellow? *
Why do you want to participate in a fellowship which brings students to Israel during winter break? Why do you want to contribute to your campus/jewish community through a leadership project? (please keep answer to 2 paragraphs.)
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Alternatively, you can email srobinson@rza.org or whatsapp 617-412-1724
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