Y9 Amazing Race Parent Permission form
Nature and Purpose of the Program: This day trip to Norval is designed in the style of the popular TV program “The Amazing Race”. Boys will compete together in small groups, trying to complete a series of challenging tasks, games and puzzles that will require them to travel over much of the Norval campus. To succeed, students will need to draw upon the knowledge and skills that they have learned from previous Norval trips, as well as their other life experiences. The goal is to apply learning, use varied skills, make connections in groups and as a grade and with Adviser and Head of House.

Date: Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Destination: Norval Outdoor School

Method of Transportation: bus

Departure time/place: 8 a.m. North Entrance School (45 min- 1hr drive)

Return time/place: 3:15 p.m. North Entrance School

Financial Cost: $0

Lunch N/A Money for incidentals: N/A Other: N/A Attire: Wear your HOUSE T-SHIRT. Dress for an active day outdoors. Students should check the weather on the day, and bring raincoats, jackets etc based upon the forecast.
Students should bring a small backpack to carry their water bottle, jacket etc.

Norval Teachers: Mr. Elgie, Mr. Evans, Mr. Parcher, Ms.Tanz, Ms. Jankowski

Accompanying Teachers: Mark Baxter, Robert Scatozza, Amit Morris, Reed Jeffrey, Andrew MacDougall, Rachel Metalin, Anne Kaye, Jeff Hill, Fatima Remtulla, Matt Griem, Fiona Marshall

The UCC Family Handbook clearly lists those items which are not permitted on the College grounds in Toronto and Norval. Items such as pocket knives and matches are unnecessary and too often have resulted in injury to inexperienced users.
The menu at the Norval Outdoor School is varied and substantial. Additional snacks are unnecessary and discouraged, and may be dangerous to visiting students who have nut allergies or other allergies.The Norval program is full and demanding. Students should not bring valuables or electronic appliances such as cell phones, iPods or hand held games. Parental assistance and support in these matters is sincerely appreciated


Travel Boys will be travelling on a bus to Norval with accompanying Senior House Adviser and additional staff.
Health & Safety Boys will be participating in a series of physical and mental challenges at Norval. They will be supervised
Environmental Boys will be outside regardless of weather (except thunderstorms). Should wear appropriate clothing.
Political None

Deadline for submission of permission form: Thursday, September 5th, 2019

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The undersigned hereby releases Upper Canada College, its respective directors, officers and employees of and from any and all claims whatsoever arising or which may arise by reason of the Child’s participation in any aspect of this trip to the NORVAL including any claims due to personal injuries, death or illness.Should the Child suffer injury or illness while participating in any aspect of this trip to NORVAL the undersigned hereby authorizes any representative of Upper Canada College and, in particular, any staff member accompanying the Child to authorize such medical attention for the Child as may be deemed appropriate by said representative of UCC in the circumstances. The undersigned agrees to bear the costs of all medical care and procedures required by the Child. The undersigned also agrees to maintain appropriate medical insurance coverage for the Child while on this trip to NORVAL The undersigned hereby releases UCC, its respective directors, officers and employees from any claim arising out of any medical treatment the Child may require.The undersigned acknowledges that should the Child fail to keep and obey all rules and regulations prescribed by UCC, its respective directors, officers and employees, while participating on this trip to NORVAL UCC may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate the Child’s participation in this trip without refund for the costs. Any additional costs incurred by reason of the termination of the Child’s participation in the trip and/or as a result of the Child being sent home will be the responsibility of the undersigned. *
I acknowledge all risks involved and by typing my name here I am allowing my son to participate in this field trip. (first and last name of parent). *
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