PDX Death Café: Interest in Joining Core Facilitator Team
Thank you for your interest in joining our PDX Death Café's Core Facilitation Team!

******** We already have a full team of facilitators for 2018! Thanks to those who've volunteered. We're no longer bringing on new facilitators at this time, but if you'd like to be considered in the future, feel free to fill out this form.************

We'll officially be adding new facilitators in January of 2018, but we invite you to express interest now, and we can start talking about it and preparing you for your role sooner. We ask that all Facilitation Team members attend a PDX Death Café prior to taking on the role of facilitator, so if you're interested but new to Death Café, this gives you time to check out one of the remaining events of 2017.

With a strong, skillful and cohesive team as our goal, we ask that all our facilitators commit to being available for at least four Cafés over the course of the year. We also ask that team members try to attend at least two of the team building, skill-development workshops we offer, of which there should be at least four through out the year.

Please fill in your contact information and answer questions regarding ability to commit. An asterisk indicates a required field. Feel free to use the Comments/Questions/Additional Info section if you would like to explain or expand on any answers.

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Are you willing to attend at least 1-2 training and/or facilitation community building events over the next year? *
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We have a Facebook Group for PDX Death Café facilitators, where we share events and relevant conversation. Not all, but most, of our facilitators are in that group. The group is what Facebook calls "secret", meaning no one outside the group can see the posts, the names of the members, or even that it exists. You do need a Facebook account to join though.
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