Global Consortium on Chemosensory Research (GCCR) Agreement
The Global Consortium on Chemosensory Research (GCCR) has been started with the aim of uniting chemosensory scientists worldwide to understand reports of the chemosensory issues related to COVID-19. More broadly, the GCCR aspires to define, coordinate, and disseminate global efforts to advance the scientific understanding and clinical practice related to the chemical senses.
The timely mission of the GCCR is to define and coordinate world-wide crowdsourced research to understand the reports of the chemosensory issues related to COVID-19.

Subsequently, the establishment of this consortium will foster the advancement of chemosensory science at large, allowing the possibility to test larger samples of participants cross-culturally, strengthening the reliability and validity of chemosensory science across many domains.

In accomplishing this mission, the GCCR’s primary roles are to work cooperatively with its members to:

• Encourage and facilitate global collaboration in concert with local collaboration across countries, labs, scientists and clinicians interested in the chemical senses. Members can access the protocols and data deriving from the GCCR’s projects and adapt them to their local needs. Participation in this consortium does not preclude local efforts.

• Encourage and facilitate the implementation of open science practices the GCCR projects will allow the members as well as the community at large to access protocols and data.

• Encourage and facilitate the development and dissemination of new knowledge by authoring papers based on the core data collected by the GCCR as a group.
One of the goals of the GCCR is dissemination of the data collected. In published work, authors will be listed in tiers according to their contributions, which will be specified in the publication(s). Within tiers, authors will be listed in alphabetical order. The core data will be published by the GCCR altogether. Local groups may use such data as part of a project, but may not report only on a portion of the core data.
Data sharing
Protocols as well as code used to process results will be made available in the effort of fostering reproducibility within the GCCR and in the scientific community at large.
Leadership team
The leadership team is responsible for facilitating communication within the GCCR, organizing the GCCR meetings and coordinating the group’s efforts. The leadership committee is composed of a Chair and members, currently (in alphabetical order): John Hayes; Thomas Hummel; Chrissi Kelly; Steve Munger; Masha Niv; Kathrin Ohla; Valentina Parma (chair); Danielle Reed; Maria Veldhuizen.

GCCR procedures are proposed by the leadership team to all members which collectively guide the direction of the GCCR through the procedures they support.

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