TB and Migrant Health Issue Survey
Following on from our webinar series on TB and Migrant Health, we are running this survey to identify
the main challenges civil society in the WHO/Euro region face in ensuring equitable access to TB and other healthcare services for migrants.

For the purposes of this survey, the term "migrant" refers to someone who resides, permanently or temporarily, outside the territory of the State of which they are nationals or citizens, irrespective of the causes, voluntary or involuntary, and the means, regular or irregular, used to migrate.
1. Are you a member of TBEC?
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2. What region do you work in?
3. Which country/countries do you work in?
4. What issues does your organisation mainly work on? (you can choose more than one)
5. Do you work with people who are considered to be migrants?
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5a. If yes, does your organisation provide TB services for/to migrants?
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6. Is TB screening mandatory for migrants entering into the country you work in?
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7. Are migrants eligible for access to free or subsidised TB testing, treatment and care services?
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7a. Please provide further details if applicable
8. Does your country of work have a deportation policy for migrants who test positive for TB?
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9. In your country of work, can migrants still receive uninterrupted TB care services when they become smear negative?
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10. Are migrants included in COVID-19 vaccine roll-out plans in your country?
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11. Are migrants able to access COVID-19 related emergency healthcare services?
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12. Are there any issues related to migration and health that TBEC should work on?
13. Do you have any other comments?
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