Fiver Fest Leigh-on-Sea February 2020

Fiver Fest is an opportunity for us all to come together and shine a light on our brilliant local independent businesses. Thirty five Leigh-on-Sea based local independent businesses took part in October 2019 and we had a blast! Here are some comments from happy traders that took part:

"At first we were a bit apprehensive to get involved with Fiver Fest as we didn’t think we would be able to get involved due to the prices of our jewellery/services. However we came up with “Three Rings cleaned for £5”, and it was a great hit! We had lots of people coming in, either existing customers who had forgotten about us, or new customers who had seen it on social media." Lily V, CJ Vinten

"Fiver Fest is the most fabulous initiative... it brought in heaps of people to Groovy Baby some new customers as well as regular loyal ones... we wouldn't miss taking part!" Chrissy A - Groovy Baby

"We sold a massive 130 units of our Fiver Fest offer! It's been so good for us as we saw lots of old and new customers pop into the shop over the week. Fiver Fest definitely worked and increased the buzz about shopping locally!" Nick B - Nic. Inc.


We need you to come up with an EPIC £5 offer. But remember – it’s not about shifting old stock, or stuff you can’t get rid of – it’s another excuse for people to explore our town and area finding out about all the great businesses that we have both on and offline. Take a look at the hashtag #FiverFest for inspiration.

Then please promote promote promote! Get your posters in the window, post on your social channels tagging @totallylocallyleighonsea, tell customers about it. And don’t just shout about your offer, have a go at promoting others, that way we’ll all have a chance of reaching new customers - some of us have big social media reaches, while some of us are just starting out, so let’s support each other!


Once you’ve signed up, we’ll distribute the marketing materials to you help you promote Fiver Fest in the shop and online.

Totally Locally is run by volunteers, both at the Leigh on Sea level and national level. What the team in Leigh-on-Sea will do for Fiver Fest?

• Distribute marketing materials to you
• Publicise the event with local media and allover social media before, during, after the event
• Create assets for social media
• Create assets to market the event around town
• Host website for the sign ups and keep it updated

This year, Totally Locally has asked that all businesses taking part in Fiver Fest consider a donation for both the local and national team. £10 pays for the creation of marketing materials. £5 for the national team and £5 for Leigh-on-Sea. No one is paid using this money, it just covers the costs for this incredible campaign.

Please fill in the form below to take part – you’ll then hear from us confirming your sign up over the next couple of days. If your business is based in Leigh on Sea and you don’t think you can create a £5 deal – we are also looking for sponsors to help us cover the costs of Fiver Fest as outlined above - shout if you’d like to help us out!

Any questions please email and or send us a message via the Totally Locally Leigh-on-Sea FB and Instagram pages.

Thank you! Don’t forget to hit submit at the bottom of the form!
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Make it EPIC! Remember – it’s not about shifting old stock, or stuff you can’t get rid of – It also needs to be for £5, not £5 off or a percentage discount.
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