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As many companies are building ONNX into their products, we need to find a vendor-neutral home for ONNX's intellectual property -- which currently has legally ambiguous ownership. For commercial use of ONNX there must be a clear owner -- ideally a non-profit foundation. The 3 options are explained below.
Have you read our whitepaper?
We put together a whitepaper for members of the ONNX community who would like to better understand the reasons for establishing a non-profit, vendor-neutral legal entity. You can read it here:

Have questions before you vote?
If you would like additional information before voting, please post questions to the ONNX Foundation WG channel: https://gitter.im/onnx/foundation
Selection criteria for foundation options
1. Established non-profit foundation, rather than creating a new foundation (reason: speed)
2. Ability for ONNX to self-govern (reason: community has already agreed to an open governance framework)
3. Straightforward process to transfer ONNX IP and legal review for steering committee to join (reason: speed)
4. Keep cost to a minimum (reason: speed, funding approval takes time)
Foundation Options
Below are Non-Profit Foundation options to recommend to the ONNX Steering Committee. At the bottom of the page is a ranked choice voting ballot. Please select your preference for each option in ranked order.

Summaries of our meetings with each foundation can be found here: https://github.com/onnx/working-groups/tree/master/foundation
Linux Foundation
Apache Foundation
Eclipse Foundation
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Linux Foundation
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