Voice your support for the Climate Package Monday, February 25th!
This coming Monday, six Public Hearings will be held across Vermont where citizens will be given the chance to voice their opinion on budget allocations for the 2020 Fiscal Year. It is so important that at each of these hearings there are a number of folks who are calling for climate action to be prioritized in this year's budget.

That's why we are urging our members to head to their nearest public hearing and voice their support for this year's CLIMATE PACKAGE. This includes two policies in particular:

1) WEATHERIZATION - we are fighting to double the amount of homes that are weatherized each year in Vermont to reduce gas bills and our state's carbon footprint at the same time;

2) TRANSPORTATION ELECTRIFICATION - it is imperative that the entirety of the VW settlement dollars are used towards electrification projects in VT, which can include EV incentives for low- and middle- income Vermonters, electrifying our public transportation, and expanding EV charging infrastructure.

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