GSPA 2019 Media Adviser Camp at Mercer University
Help us choose a date and plan the curriculum for GSPA's 2019 camp for high school media advisers to be held at Mercer University's Center for Collaborative Journalism in Macon.
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Where do you teach?
Please indicate which of these three-day ranges could work for you. We're envisioning an optional evening cocktail hour on the first night, followed by the start of programming the next day and wrapping up the following morning.
What are you hoping to learn about? Check as many boxes as you want, but keep in mind we will choose one topic to be the primary focus for this camp.
This camp is free and we'll provide breakfast and lunch, but in order to attend, would you need us to pay for your hotel in Macon? We might not have enough money to pay for everyone, so please be honest.
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