MMHS 2022-2023 Student Parking Permit/Vehicle Registration
All student vehicles parked on the MMHS school campus must must be registered with the MMHS Security Office and display a student parking permit. Improper or illegal parking may result in parking citations and additional disciplinary action if warranted.

Students must follow city parking regulations and are not permitted to park in spaces designated as Faculty, Visitor, Disability Access, or in driveways, fire lanes, or bus loading zones. Parking tickets will be issued for violations. PARKING TICKETS ARE $10 AND MUST BE PAID TO THE FINANCE OFFICE. ILLEGAL PARKING IN DISABILITY ACCESS SPACES IS SUBJECT TO TICKETING BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CARRIES A HEAVIER FINE. RECKLESS DRIVING, IRRESPONSIBLE DRIVING, AND REPEATED INFRACTIONS OF REGULATIONS MAY RESULT IN REVOCATION OF PARKING PRIVILEGES.

For reasons of student welfare and safety, loitering in the parking lots is also prohibited. Vehicle protection and items left in vehicles are the responsibility of the driver.

Campus parking lots are under video surveillance 24/7.

NOTICE OF VEHICLE SEARCHES – Consistent with Nebo School District Policy #JD – Student Conduct and Discipline, a vehicle located on school property may be searched by school officials upon reasonable suspicion that the vehicle may contain evidence that a criminal law, district policy, or school rule has been violated.

After this form is submitted and the $10 fee is paid to the MMHS Finance Office, parking permits can be picked up in the MMHS Copy Center before or after school or during lunch. Permits will be available beginning August 22nd.

By signing below, both PARENT AND STUDENT understand that parking permits must be properly displayed on the vehicle rear view mirror and all relevant laws and campus parking lot rules must be obeyed.
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