VIH Letter of Agreement Quiz
The VIH retreat is this upcoming weekend. The retreat starts at 4pm on Friday. You have class until 4:30 pm on Friday. What should you do? *
As part of your pre-retreat assignment, you are instructed to interview an international student. Your campus is very small, and you have never met an international student. What should you do? *
You are at the airport with other Lincoln University, Temple University and Arcadia University students and you have just been informed that your flight has been delayed by one hour. With whom should you communicate? *
You are scheduled to depart for your VIH-funded international experience in July. You have been invited to attend a May-mester class in Peru. Can you attend both? *
You are scheduled to depart for your international experience next month, but today you received an email stating that your study abroad program has been cancelled due to low enrollment. Your program offers a refund. What should you do next? *
You know that you must complete 12 marketing hours with your Campus Coordinator upon return from your international experience. You have not heard from your Campus Coordinator about marketing opportunities. What should you do? *
During your last CEE Development meeting, a member of your CEE team stated that she would send an email of meeting minutes to your Campus Coordinator and CC fellow group members. The meeting was 4 days ago, and you have not yet received the meeting minutes. How should you proceed? *
Your study abroad program ends on June 30. When should you begin to complete your experience report? *
You have several questions about your CEE development. What should be your first resource? *
You are packing for the Pre-Departure Retreat. You see on the website that there is a request to dress business casual for the entirety of the retreat. What should you pack? *
What is your first and last name? *
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