Nomination Form for Election to Board of Directors
The Nomination Form must be completed by the nominee no later than 7 pm on Thursday, May 19, 2022. Alternatively, a person can be nominated during the election at the AGM.

By submitting this form, the nominee affirms that he/she/they is a resident of the Rosenthal neighbourhood in Edmonton, and is admissible to be a nominee to the election (i.e. member of the Rosenthal Community League).

The Nomination Committee may share the nominee responses to this form to Community League members (excluding any personal information).

If you have any questions or comment about the available positions, this form, or the election process, contact

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Per the Bylaws of the Edmonton Rosenthal Community League, Section 5, Subsection 5.1.5 The term of office of a Director shall be a maximum of two (2) years from the date that he or she assumes office.  Half of the positions will have their elections in years with odd numbers (including President and Treasurer). The other half will have their elections in years with even numbers (including Vice President and Secretary).  

Positions for re-election:
  - Vice President
  - Director-At-Large - Civics
  - Director-At-Large - Programs

Open positions:
  - Secretary
  - Director-At-Large - Communications
  - Director-At-Large - Social and Events
  - Director-at-Large
  - Director-at-Large

If you are interested in a specific position on the Board of Directors please let us know below. Otherwise the nominee is submitting their name for an open director-at-large position and may be elected to a specific role at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.
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