Campbell Primary School - Design Priorities
Thank you to those members of our community who attended the workshops in June. We received many comments and ideas from parents, neighbours, staff and students with over 650 sticky notes being used. We now need your help in determining which of the many ideas/suggestions you made, are the top priorities for the whole school community. These priorities (as voted by you) will be the focus of discussion at the community focus groups being held on 15 August.

The key themes identified in the June workshops are:
1. Learning Spaces
2. Use of Technology
3. Social play/outdoor areas
4. Arrival at the school
5. Connecting the school with the community
6. Sustainability
7. Staff facilities
8. Overall impressions of the school
9. Build and design priorities

We want you to select your top priorities for each theme. Please note, a number of the ideas identified are ‘givens’ in terms of being mandatory or organisational requirements as part of the design and building process. The ‘givens’ are included at the beginning of each section.

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