Co-operation or Competition? What is the Future Of Business?
Our current economy simply doesn't work anymore and is falling apart. Jobs are disappearing to automation and robotics. The gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to increase. Over 50% of the world's resources are controlled by less than 2% of the world's population, and 2.5 billion people barely survive, and yet we are now living at a time of abundance.

R Buckminster Fuller, (an outlaw designer, futurist, architect, philosopher and author of some 26 books) said in 1970 that for the first time in human history, we had the resources and the know-how (technology) to provide everyone on earth with a very high standard of living, higher than anyone had yet experienced. We can access this abundance only by focusing our attention on products and services that make a positive difference in our lives (what he called "Livingry") rather than "Killingry", and we must start working together for the benefit of everyone's, not just you or me. Competition has no integrity today, it no longer works in a world of abundance.

Your Healthy Planet ( is a NEW cooperative structure designed to reward individuals, small to medium size businesses and organisations, including non-profits ... and thereby help bring Fuller's dream into reality, creating a world that works for everyone, in our lifetime.

** BONUS - Everyone who completes the short questionnaire and includes their email address will go in the draw for a 12 months advertising subscription valued @ over $900.00, and receive a copy of the results too.

Firstly, does your product or service enhance your client or customer's health or our environment in any way? *
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Which of the following would make life easier for you and help you achieve your business and life goals? *
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What "cooperative" ventures or marketplaces do you currently participate in? *
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Do you feel it is time Cooperative Marketplaces became the norm, marketplaces where everyone is rewarded for their participation? *
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Would you consider joining a "cooperative" advertising directory and member's club where you could advertise, and also be rewarded with an extra income stream or share of profits? *
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What is the maximum amount you would be willing to pay to advertise within the Marketplace? *
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Finally, were you aware that for the past thirty to fifty years or so we have had the resources and the know-how for everyone on earth to live the lifestyle of a billionaire? *
Say "No" if this was news to you, and "Yes" if you were already aware and looking at ways to realize our good fortune.
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