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For Wednesday mornings, we accept a maximum of 10, for Friday afternoon's a maximum of 20. Collections upto 6 and workshops upto 15.
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If you are looking to book 1 volunteer day, can you provide up to 3 dates that your group would be available to volunteer in anticipation of some days already being booked? (Please note that for Wednesday distributions, dates are usually taken up 2+ months in advance. Collections and cupboard sorts can be arranged at much shorter notice.) If you are looking for more dates please offer more potential dates in case first preference is already booked.
Please confirm attendance after booking (read below)
Once you have booked a date to volunteer, it is important that the group keeps the date, as our activities are planned with the groups participation, and cancellations can hamper our ability to run a full service. It is also important that the whole group has read and understood the briefing materials that are sent once a date is confirmed. Can you confirm that once a date has been booked, a group will be attending to volunteer and that they will read the briefing material provided?
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