Combplex Letter of Intent
We are gathering non-binding letters of intent from ANY AND ALL BEEKEEPERS to help document the need for highly effective Varroa mite treatment. Your support can help us bring this product to market!
A Combplex Smart frame is a regular bee frame with one additional goal: to eliminate harmful Varroa destructor parasites within the hive by using precision technology. We can estimate the percentage of infested bees in the colony, in addition to specifically targeting the embedded mite for elimination, all without opening the hive. Our device inflicts instant fatal damage to the Varroa mite, but leaves the host worker bee unscathed.

I understand that my expression of interest below is completely non-binding and carries no obligation for me to purchase or participate.

All information is kept strictly confidential.
Combplex has been selected as one of 18 finalists in the Grow-NY competition, a $3M global business challenge to bring jobs and innovative Ag Tech companies to Upstate New York.
By submitting my name in the text box, I am agreeing with the following statement: I would be interested in purchasing a Combplex frame to treat Varroa mites year round, chemical free, without contaminating honey. *
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I would be interested in using a Combplex smart frame to participate as a beta tester a study sponsored by the New York Farm Viability Institute starting March 2020.
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