Napa County Land Bank
If you are open to the possibility of converting a piece of your acreage into fruit or vegetable production, please consider adding it to the Napa County Land Bank, a project of the Napa Local Food Advisory Council. The goal of this project is to connect owners of available lands to farmers seeking a site to grow food.

Upon entering your land, you will be contacted by Joy HIlton, Agricultural Commissioner's Office liason to the Local Food Advisory Council.

After we speak with you and review your goals, your site will be added to our "bank." We will facilitate contact with interested parties and bridge the gap between you and a potential farmer candidate.

Farmers who express interest in your site will be asked to provide us with a business plan and vision statement for their project.

There are many different arrangements and options, from typical leasing of land, to work-trade options, and sharecropping. For further information or questions, please contact Joy Hilton:Hilton,

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