Watershed Action Plan Survey
Do you have information on areas that could use improvement ini your community? Please let us know by filling out the survey below! Please also note that pictures, data surveys, and any additional information can be contributed via email to info@olentangywatershed.org.
1.What is one key challenge or issue affecting streams, wetlands, and natural resources in your area? (You will have the opportunity to add more challenges in the next section.)
2.What contributes to or results from this challenge? (select all that apply)
3.Where is the challenge located? Street address or latitude/longitude (may be obtained from Google Maps by right clicking a location and selecting “what’s here?")
4.Name of stream or watershed (if known)
5. If other or unknown, please specify name or as much description of location
6.What action(s) should be taken to address this challenge? (select all that apply)
Contact Information: Please provide your name, community organization(if applicable), address, phone number, and email so we can reach out to you with any questions.
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