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Please describe here your business idea, completing ALL the sections.

All submitted projects will be carefully analysed. We will ensure that the process of handling and evaluating proposals is carried out in a confidential manner. All proposals submitted in response to a call are treated equally and evaluated impartially. The process for evaluating proposals will be performed by InnoVits team by means of proprietary model with the focus on potential in terms of innovation and feasibility.
Projects selected to final event of 15th Febbruary will be communicated by 9th Febbruary 2017.

Please send only one application request per project. Filling this form implies that you know and accept the "Regolamento" of Retail Lab ( For any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Project name *
Please digit the name of the project. It will be your "brand" along the Gymnasium path.
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Effort actual spent by the Entrepreneur in the project *
Describe your current commitment in the project.
Are there other team members in the proposed project? *
For "team members" we intend other people you share your project vision, objectives and commitment with. They will spend commitment and time on the project development.
If there are other team members, describe [last name, first name, role in the organization, core competencies]
Please shortly describe (1 row per each member) roles and competences of other team members (if any).
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Project website (if any)
If the project website has been built please report the link. If you still have not any, don't worry, you will further evaluate whether it's the case to provide it one soon ...:-)
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If the project is hosted at present in a incubator/accelerator program, indicate which program
If applicable, please name the incubation/acceleration program your project is already part of.
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Project description: answer the following questions.
For each one, choose the answer that most closely describes your situation.
This project refers to a service/product that is is: *
The reference market/industry is: *
This product/service will: *
Global annual revenues in the reference market (or sub-sector) I am competing are (euro): *
The reference market (or sub-sector) I am competing: *
The competitors (i.e. addressing the same customer pain, competing for the same customer euro by satisfying the same customer need) are: *
The (real or potential) customers have: *
The go-to-market plan (sales, marketing) is: *
The revenues over the past 12 months were (in euro): *
The revenues (euro) over the next 12 months are expected to be: *
The revenues 3 years from now are expected to be: *
My strategic partnerships consist of: *
The intellectual property includes: *
The highest level of entrepreneurial experience achieved in my team consists of: *
I developed my expertise in this market by working at senior positions in the industry for: *
The number of Ph.Ds or high-tech experts that have been working for me full time for at least three months is *
The number of sales/marketing/ business development experts, who understand and have extensive contacts within my industry, who have been working for me full time for at least three months is: *
My business plan: *
I have invested "x" hours of my own time into this venture: *
I have invested my own financial funds (savings, credit cards, mortgage/debt, parents&friends) into this venture, up to (in euro): *
I have raised funds from other qualified investors (business angels, venture capitalists, banks), up to (in euro): *
My attorney (for corporate or intellectual property affairs) is: *
If a large company decided to put their resources behind competing with my startup tomorrow, my startup would be *
Once my product/service is on the market, my marginal gross margins - a new euro of revenue minus the cost of producing that revenue - will: *
Other startups in my industry raising funding from qualified investors in a similar stage of development (product, management team, revenues, partnerships, prior funding, etc.) are getting pre-money valuations of (euro): *
Additional project documentation.
Executive summary (max 1 page) + company report or business plan or institutional presentation (max 10 pages) [insert the URL]
Utilizzare il template di Executive Summary fornito da InnoVits. Fornite un link da cui scaricare altra documentazione in vostro possesso
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Describe 1-2 major needs/expectations that you would like to address in Gymnasium
Be very specific (i.e. development of a prototype, test with target customers, refinement of the business model/business plan). 100 words max.
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Useful information
Where did you discover Retail Lab?
Intellectual property, non-disclosure, legal warranties
Please note that the following text is written in Italian in respect of compliance with the Italian law. In case you needed any clarification, please do not esitate to contact us at
A - Proprietà intellettuale, manleve e garanzie.
Con la richiesta di partecipazione a Raitl Lab, ciascun partecipante:
- dichiara espressamente che ogni idea progettuale proposta è originale e non viola in alcun modo, né in tutto né in parte, i diritti di proprietà, intellettuale o industriale, di terzi, manlevando sin d’ora InnoVits e/o i suoi eventuali partner da qualsivoglia responsabilità, passività, richiesta di risarcimento dei danni e/o indennizzo che dovesse essere avanzata da qualsiasi terzo al riguardo;
- si assume l’onere e la piena responsabilità della tutela della propria idea progettuale e dei suoi aspetti inventivi e/o originali attraverso i mezzi a tal fine apprestati dall’ordinamento (registrazione, brevetto o simili, a seconda dei casi) prima della presentazione della stessa a InnoVits;
- prende atto che la presentazione della propria idea comporta la visibilità ai team member InnoVits e che InnoVits non assume alcuna responsabilità in caso di uso e/o abuso dell’idea e/o di eventuale sviluppo e realizzazione della medesima e/o del progetto ad essa relativo, da parte di chiunque ne fosse venuto a conoscenza, rinunziando per l’effetto ad avanzare qualsivoglia richiesta di risarcimento danni e/o indennizzo nei confronti di InnoVits per qualsivoglia titolo, ragione e/o causa.
B - Vincolo di riservatezza
La documentazione inviata sarà esaminata dal gruppo di lavoro di InnoVits e dagli associati che ne faranno domanda.
InnoVits si impegna a far sì che i soggetti sopra indicati tengano strettamente riservati i materiali e le informazioni relative alle idee e ai progetti definitivi sottoposti alla loro valutazione e non utilizzino detti materiali e informazioni se non per le finalità strettamente relative alla partecipazione a Retail Lab.
Dichiaro di avere preso visione dei sopraindicati punti A-B *
Dichiaro di avere preso visione e di accettare il Regolamento di Retail Lab *
Il Regolamento e' disponibile sul sito di InnoVits oppure va richiesto a
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