Costume Contest - Exhibit Registration
The exhibit category is for single and group walk-ons who want to show off their bought or commissioned costumes. There will be small prizes and awards given to this category.

Please use this form to sign up for the Exhibit category

If you are competing in a group, please only have one person fill out the form.

Single Person or Group?
Cosplay Name(s) or Name(s)
This will be the name that is used to announce you and your group (if competing as a group)
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Character Name(s)
Name of the character or characters if competing in a group. This will also be announced.
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What anime, movie, video game, etc. is your character from? If this is an Original Character, please state so.
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Anything else?
Anything else we should be aware of? Any notes for our Emcee or costume contest coordinator?
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Thank you for completing the registration for the Exhibit Category! Make sure you press "submit" below!
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