Campus Relay Spring Awards Report
Hello! We want to hear what you and your campus have been up to this semester! Our questions are guiding; they're asking about things that we hope you accomplished this semester, like being innovative, collaborative, and mission-oriented. Choose what you'd like to share and add as much detail as you're willing (although we always want more!).

We're asking you to share for a number of reasons. First, we want to hear the exciting things you're doing, so that we can share them with other schools and make the campus fight against cancer even stronger. Secondly, this information is going to give us the opportunity to recognize, congratulate, and thank campuses for the incredible work they're doing through our Campus Leadership Team Awards Program!

Thank you for taking time to write out your successes for the semester! We can't wait to hear all about them!
Eligibility for the Leader of Hope award is contingent upon the completion of this survey.

Please have your form submitted by June 1, 2017 at 11:59PM.

With Hope,
The National Campus Leadership Team

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