Scholarship Application for "Healing from Toxic Whiteness"
As part of Everyday Feminism's commitment to financial accessibility, we provide scholarships for all our programs to those with limited income. The discounted rates are on a sliding scale based on how much you can reasonably set aside per week.


To help you better understand if the scholarship is appropriate for you, please consider that the cost of the Compassionate Activism: Healing from Toxic Whiteness is only $97 for an 8-week online training program.

Since we offer a 3-month installment plan of $33 USD per month, we use the guideline of having enough financial means to set aside $33 USD per month (or the equivalence of $12 USD per week) for this program. This is roughly equivalent to eating out for lunch once per week.

If you are unable to reasonably save $12 USD per week due to limited income, then this scholarship is for you. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch within a couple weeks about next steps.

We also ask that you select the highest amount you can reasonably pay in order to make it financially sustainable for us to grant larger scholarships to those who need it more.


However, if you are able to eat out for lunch at least once per week without concern, then this scholarship is not intended for people with your financial means.

We depend on people with enough financial means to pay the full price in order to subsidize those who have limited financial means.

If you are reasonably able to save $12 per week and therefore are able to pay the full price in at least the monthly installment plan option, please do not take advantage of our honor system. Instead, please consider paying through our installment plan option of $33 for 3 months.


It helps us make it possible to offer this program in a way that is both financially sustainable for us and accessible for people with limited financial means. We appreciate your honesty and integrity.

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If you are unable to reasonably set aside $6 USD per week, please let us know via our Contact Us form ( We will follow up to make other arrangements with you.
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