InterACTive Colors - Application Form
Dear one,

Welcome to the Application Form of InterACTive Colors Exchange Project.

You are about to fill in your application to the project. There are 4 parts in this form.
Filling the form will take you approximately 15 to 25 minutes depending on your answers.

This application form applies for you and your attendance in the main event of the project: Exchange.
The selection of participants happens from each partner organization in cooperation with us.

In case you are selected to take part in the Project, you will receive a Confirmation Letter with more details about your arrival and participation in the activities of the Project. If you have received this letter, you can start arranging your travel.

In case we meet you in Ommen, we would like to get to know more about you, your motivation coming to this project, your learning goals and outcomes you want to achieve, your experience so far and practical aspects to support us in the organization of the exchange.

We keep your personal data private. It will not be shared with a third party in any case.
If you have any question or need clarification, contact us at:

Colorful Greetings,

Cathy Manousaki
& Olde Vechte Team

Learn - Grow - Act
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Name you want to be called in the event *
Note that the name will be on your nametag.
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Place of Birth *
We ask this information so that we can include it in your Youthpass, as asked by Erasmus+. Please write: City and Country.
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Age *
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Preferred Pronoun *
We value the respect on individuals gender identity. If you are not familiar with what a pronoun is, please read this resource: . It is one of the many resources, which can be found online.
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How do you identify yourself? *
We ask this in order to achieve gender balance required by Erasmus+ programme.
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Provide us with a valid e-mail address as it will be used for further communication with you.
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Preferably mobile number. Please also include your country's code.
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Contact person in case of Emergency *
Please fill in the field with: full name of the person, relationship to you, address of the person, telephone number of the person
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Food requirements *
Please, specify your dietary needs.
Allergies *
Specify if you have any type of allergy we should be aware of. Specially allergies connected with food.
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Do you have any kind of physical limitation? *
If so, please specify.
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Do you have a medical insurance valid in the Netherlands? *
According the Dutch law, you need to have a medical insurance, valid in the Netherlands.
Additional Personal Information
Organization *
Are you a member/volunteer in any organization (LGBTQIA+ or other) in your country? If yes, write us the name of it.
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Position *
What is the position you have in the organization? Briefly describe to us about what you actually do: your tasks, involvement and contribution to it.
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