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The Hero Studio GAMMA.CON Cosplay Competition Terms and Conditions:
Before continuing to the entry form you must first read and agree to the terms and conditions of The Hero Studio GAMMA.CON Wagga Wagga Cosplay Competition.

Please ensure that you read through, understand and agree to the following rules and regulations before selecting ''yes'' at the bottom of this page

These rules are in place for the safety of yourself and others around you.

1. Costume Limitations & Guidelines
- Depending on the severity, costumes that are too revealing, highly sexualised or promote illegal activity, may result in being asked to change and withdraw from the competition. Refusal to these terms can result in you being removed from the festival without refund. Please email us at if you think that your costumes falls under these conditions.
- Costumes that feature sharp objects, metal, excessive amounts of shedding glitter or wet paint/liquid of any sort may be withdrawn if it poses a threat of injury to others or stain/damage to the venue. Please email us at if you feel your costume falls under this condition.

2. Prop and Weapons Limitations & Guidelines
- All props must be within 1.5M or lower in height. and 1.5m in width. Any props outside these limitations must be stored at propcheck and will only be allowed to be checked out during the cosplay competition.
- Under NO circumstances will real weaponry or firearms be permitted.
- All weapons, replicas and props must be handled responsibly. Anyone failing to show control of their weapon/prop or is found generally misusing there weapon/prop in a dangerous way will be asked to cloak their weapon for the remainder of the competition.
- Projectile weaponry must have a bright red, yellow or orange tip in line with legal handling of props and weapons.
- NERF guns may be permitted as props for the Cosplay Competition only, at GAMMA.CON staff's discretion, and must not be aimed at any attendees at any time.
- Any props that have the capacity to fire projectiles must at no time during the competition or any other time fire projectiles.

3. On the day requirements
- All entries will be required to assemble in the specified theatre at the specified time (which will be emailed out before hand); failure to do so will result in a disqualification unless discussed with the coordinator well in advance.

4. Questions from the judges
- While on stage the entrant will be asked questions about their costume, its construction and the character they are portraying. Please contact us well before hand if there are any topics or questions that will make you feel uncomfortable and that should be avoided.

5. Legal Reminder
-GAMMA.CON will not be held legally responsible or liable for any misconduct, damages, injuries or death resulting from the actions of any GAMMA.CON attendees. Any inappropriate behavior or misconduct by any attendee will be not be tolerated by GAMMA.CON or local authorities.
- Please use your best judgment and discretion by refraining from swinging weapons or props around during the Cosplay Competition, as there is always the possibility of injuring other festival attendees.
- Images and photos of yourself in the competition may be used to promote future GAMMA.CON events.

I agree to all The Hero Studio GAMMA.CON Cosplay Competition Terms and Conditions *
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