CM Soirée Orchid Society
Anyone who is committed to implementing Miss Mason's methods in their home, who is seriously interested in learning more about her philosophy, and who is willing to joyfully make time for this community is welcome to apply for membership in the Orchid Society.

The Society welcomes people from all backgrounds and faiths. A Christian worldview is essential to understanding Mason’s work though, and that belief is reflected in the way that this Reading Group is led. So anyone who is comfortable with this is welcome to join us!

~Who we are:
The CM Soirée Orchid Society is an online community seeking to create an atmosphere of learning consistent with Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education and to create a support system for parents to continue their own education. The Society is led by Sherilyn Fossum.

~Attendance requirements:
In order to remain a member of the Society, it is required that you attend 2 out of 3 months of Zoom meetings. If you are unable to fulfill this requirement, you will be removed from the Facebook group.

~Membership Fees
Membership fee is $15 (non refundable) and that includes the Volume Two Study Guide (Volume Four fee will be a bit higher).

~Discussion/FB Group
The CM Soirée Orchid Society’s focus is the reading of Charlotte Mason's volumes. We ask that any discussions on the Facebook group be limited to encouragement and support in this. There are other avenues to discuss various issues and topics. We would like to keep our Facebook group easy to navigate and clear of unrelated topics.

We respectfully ask that there be no political discussion or materials on the Facebook group.

~Group Size
CM Soirée Orchid Society will remain a small group of no more than 20 people.

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