350 Seattle Green New Deal Onboarding Form
We're stoked you're interested in our campaign! Please take a moment to answer these questions to help us plug you into our fight for moving Seattle buildings off fossil fuels and an organizer will follow up with you!
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What is your name? 
What is your phone number? 
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what is your zip code? (we can tell you your council district from this)
Do you live or work in a building (over 20k square feet) that would be impacted by this policy. If so what is it? 
Are you a member of a union? If so which one? 
Are you connected to any community groups like churches, neighborhood groups or other activist organizations?
Are you free to make public comment on zoom or at city hall at any of the following times? 
What Campaign Activities Are you most interested in ?
Would you like to join our campaign signal thread? (signal is a private messaging app that works well for big group threads on apple and android phones) 
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Would you like a one on one follow up conversation with a campaign organizer about how to plug in? 
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Do you have any prior experience with campaigns/organizing/policy you'd like us to know about? 
Anything you want us to know, questions you have, or particular ways you would like to plug in? 
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