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Would you like to teach a class or hold a workshop on a subject you think people would find interesting?
PPM would love to host you!
We encourage all our members to teach.
Everyone knows enough about something to teach a class, give a workshop or give a talk on something.

You don't need to be a PPM member to use the space if it's something of value and that fits with our mission. PPM supports the expansion of knowledge in all areas. We only ask that you steer clear of two subjects: Politics and religion. We have nothing against either; there are simply plenty of other places for those two subjects.

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Call it something that's descriptive and easy to understand.
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Include anything that might indicate you're knowledgeable about the subject or just tell us why you're cool and want to do this. Educational and work background is also appropriate if you think it's relevant.
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Be descriptive, but concise. Cover what the topic is, what you'll be doing in the class and what the attendee will leave with, if anything).
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We find that 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM on weekday evenings or any time after 10:00 AM on weekends work best.
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Take a look at the meetup calendar and find a good time for you and that's available. Link here: https://www.meetup.com/pikespeakmakerspace/events/
Cost of the class? *
If you would like to charge for your class and keep some of the proceeds we ask that you donate a percentage (usually 50%) of the proceeds to the Pikes Peak Makerspace. If you have questions or concerns please contact us.
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Is there a materials cost? If so how much? Also include what the cost is for. *
It's assumed you'll be providing the materials. If not please make sure PPM already has the materials.
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Anything else you can think of or need?
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