IEFA Special Topics Course 1: online,self-paced course registration
The self-paced online course is composed of five distinct units. Each unit is the equivalent of 1 University credit or 15 OPI renewal units. Upon registration, participants select which units/how many credits they wish to take. The five units included in Course One are:

*Who Will Tell My Brother?: The Indian Mascot Controversy
*Honoring Native Women’s Voices
*American Indian Short Stories
*American Indian Poetry
*Biographies of Native Americans: Contemporary and Historic

Participants will explore resources developed by the Office of Public Instruction alongside primary source documents and carefully selected literature, both fiction and non-fiction, as they deepen their knowledge of the Essential Understandings. Most required materials will be provided in the course Moodle, though participants may need to seek additional resources at school or public libraries or online as part of the course requirements. Previous knowledge of IEFA and the Essential Understandings is helpful but not necessary for participants to successfully complete the course; prerequisite content will be provided for participant’s perusal.

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Erin Lipkind (
Michele McGuire (

Registration fees:
Course Fees: OPI Credit Semester Credit UM Credit Fee Total Cost for Cont Ed
$135 1 unit 15 hours 1 UM credit $155 $290
$235 2 units 30 hours 2 UM credits $155 $390
$335 3 units 45 hours 3 UM credits $155 $490
$435 4 units 60 hours 4 UM credits $155 $590
$535 5 units 75 hours 5 UM credits $155 $690

NOTE: Semester credit (pending) is an additional fee to the course fee.

This course is the equivalent to 15-75 classroom hours, which is the equivalent of 1 to 5 university credits. Although this is a self-paced course, do not expect to complete it in one sitting! Course participants must be comfortable working independently and be self-motivated to complete all work within the flexible time frame (there is no interaction with other participants—only the instructor).

* Complete this form.
* Within a few days, you will receive an invoice via email.
* Pay the invoice/registration fee (online or by check) in order to begin.
* You will receive a username and password and steps to access the Moodle course.
* The instructor will send an introductory email.

* If you are taking the units for OPI renewal units, WMPLC will send you OPI renewal units upon completion of the semester (Summer 2020, or Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.)

* If you are taking the course for University of Montana semester credits, complete the course and submit the appropriate form and additional payment of $155 by the following dates:
(Summer 2020 semester: August 15, 2020)
(Fall 2020 semester: December 15, 2020)
(Spring 2021 semester: May 15, 2021).

*The semester credit registration form will be shared with you after let your instructor know your semester preference. You will then need to send the completed semester credit form and payment to your instructor by the dates listed above. The instructor will collect all of the registration forms and send them together to the U of M at the end of the semester.

You can register for the course now or any time before April 12, 2021.

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