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Seeking a full-time marketing coach. Able to support clients in a 1:1 coaching and group coaching environment. Experience achieving extraordinary results with funnels and Facebook ads is required.

The position pay is 5K per month after a paid probationary period.
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What size marketing budgets do you have experience managing? Please be specific. *
How long have you been running Facebook Ads for clients and what type of businesses have you worked with? *
Talk me through a great VSL funnel and why you would use it. *
What is a great tripwire funnel and when should it be used? *
Please give 5 ways to boost AOV and LTV. *
How do you determine what changes need to be made on a page to improve CRO? *
Where did you learn funnels? Name 3 places/resources/experts/courses/FB groups. *
Where did you learn Facebook Ads? Name 3 places/resources/experts/courses/FB groups. *
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What were some poor results you’ve had and what did you learn from it? Why didnt it convert, what did u try to fix? *
How would you run ads to a VSL funnel? What FB Ad optimization would be used? *
When is it appropriate to use CBO budgets on FB? *
Do you have experience as a copywriter? Please share experience below (please be as detailed as possible). *
Please describe a middle of funnel and bottom of funnel Facebook ad strategy. *
Explain why/how you can run Video View campaigns and re-target 25% - why is this good? *
How would you scale a FB account at $500 a day spend to 3k a day spend? *
Have you ever provided marketing coaching in the past? Please describe in detail. *
This is a full-time role that pays $5k/mo with a trial period. Is this agreeable for you? *
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